Furnace Brook Physical Therapy is proud to announce a partnership with the Sports Medicine department at Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) in Quincy. Starting with the new sports season in August 2016, Furnace Brook PT Staff Therapist Jillian Pantano has treated ENC student- athletes at their training facility on campus. With a primary goal of providing improved access and successful return to sport for the injured athlete, Jill works closely with Head Athletic Trainer Toni Kabilian, AT and under the direction of team physician, Eric Berkson, MD. 

“It’s been great working with these student-athletes in their environment. It gives me a better understanding of their training and practice regimens so I can adapt their treatment plans in order to get them back on the field/court quicker”, relates Jill. Toni Kabilian, AT adds,” Furnace Brook PT has rehabbed our athletes for over ten years at their facility in Quincy. Bringing the sports therapists of Furnace Brook onsite now accelerates the athlete’s first appointment for therapy, while working within our team concept here in the training room. The athlete has less of a reason to miss a visit, and I get the feedback I need to make return to sport decisions in a more timely manner. We still have access to Furnace Brook’s pool and other equipment at their main office, but bringing them here provides for a more cohesive approach to sports medicine at ENC.” GO LIONS!