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Welcome to Furnace Brook Physical Therapy Clinic in Quincy, MA

Our physical therapy clinic has served three generations of orthopedic and sports medicine clients from the Quincy, Milton and Braintree communities for 30 years. Our mission is to create a culture in the clinic where you can rehab in a positive, value-based environment where we are accountable to meet your goals. Since so much of your success will be related to the work you put in on your own, our therapists will empower you to perform home routines to keep healthy and stay on top of your condition.  Learn more about us.

Hand Therapy >>
Hand Therapy is rehabilitation performed by our Occupational Therapists on patients with conditions affecting the upper extremities including hands, forearms, and elbows. Our Certified Hand Therapist provides a variety of treatment methods and splints to minimize pain, restore joint movement and decrease sensitivity. 

Total Joint Replacement >>
Skilled and progressive exercise is an essential part of the recovery process after any total joint replacement. Any one of our trained physical therapists provides the patient with specific exercises to help restore movement and strengthen the joint. We continue to help patients improve strength and range of motion so that they will be able to return to their prior level of activity.

Sports Medicine >>
Our Therapists treat patients who are physically active and help them improve their performance, prevent injury and maintain physical activity throughout their lives. With years of experience in Sports Medicine at all levels, we are able to provide unparalleled support to get patients back into the game.

Aqua Therapy >>
Our clinic has a 30 foot long therapy pool that is designed exclusively for the needs of our orthopedic and sports medicine patients. Aquatic therapy is most often associated with a transition to, or integrated with land-based therapy. Utilizing the buoyant properties of water,  we can facilitate flexibility, strength, and range of motion about the spine and extremities.  


Titleist Performance Instructor (TPI) Now At Furnace Brook PT

I was recently able to become certified as a Titleist Performance Instructor at a recent course in the Boston area.  It was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the golf swing and it’s underlying biomechanics, and has provided me with an additional invaluable...

Thoughts on Footwear- by Ryan Sheedy, DPT, OCS

     One of the most common questions I receive from my patients, particularly those dealing with lower extremity or lumbo-pelvic injuries, is what type of footwear they should be wearing.  While footwear is certainly a piece of the injury prevention and...


I have recently finished p/t with Ryan.  Everything is going well, a little stiffness.  But as a whole everything is good.I have to say I don't think anyone likes to go to therapy - but you & your staff made it easier.  From the time you walk in the door everybody...

Hi, I wanted to tell you that I received excellent treatment both pre-surgery as well as post op for my torn rotator cuff. From the second I walked into Furnace Brook until the moment I was released I was always welcomed with a warm smile. The care I received was...