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Cervical – Spine & Neck Injury Therapy

The Cervical Spine, or your neck, is designed for mobility and support of your head. Furnace Brook PT can treat your cervical spine condition or neck injury in 3 types of ways.  

Conditions That Cause Neck Pain  

The first are those conditions which give rise to only neck pain itself. From osteoarthritis, or spondylosis, to stenosis, to a bony spur, to a strain/sprain whiplash, to a fracture, or to a minimally displaced disc bulge; these are some of the frequent conditions we treat daily in the clinic.  

Neck Injuries That Cause Pain & Nerve Issues  

The second type of condition, or injury are those that not only give neck pain, but may also encroach or displace the nerve sleeve, nerve root or even the spinal cord.  These injuries are even more serious and debilitating because not only can you get the painful loss of motion or spasm as above, but the arm(s), or even legs, can be affected as well.  Essentially, wherever the nerve tissue that is affected travels, the injury may manifest itself. You may experience numbness, tingling, weakness or even muscle atrophy in the arm affected depending on what nerve root is affected, if that is where it travels. Since nerves do not do well in any situation where they may be compressed, it is imperative that the therapist continually monitor your neurological status as treatment is rendered. These conditions may be known as a cervical radiculitis, radiculopathy, or even myelopathy; but in layman’s terms, a “pinched nerve” 

Neck Injury Without Pain  

The third type of condition may actually not produce much in the way of neck pain at all, but still give rise to those nerve symptoms described as above. Examples of this may be thoracic outlet syndrome, or herniated discs.  

Staff Therapists of Furnace Brook Physical Therapy are well-trained to recognize what tissue is affected after a cervical spine injury, the principle behind treatment, the signs to monitor and report back to your physician, and the preventative home program you should follow once those symptoms are resolved. 

If you are experiencing neck pain or have been diagnosed with whiplash, osteoarthritis, a bulging disc, or other neck problems, Furnace Brook Physical Therapy can help. Call us today for an appointment at 617-770-4167. We serve Quincy, Massachusetts and surrounding areas.