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Hi, I wanted to tell you that I received excellent treatment both pre-surgery as well as post op for my torn rotator cuff. From the second I walked into Furnace Brook until the moment I was released I was always welcomed with a warm smile. The care I received was...

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Our clinic has served three generations of orthopedic and sports medicine clients from the Quincy, Milton and Braintree communities for 30 years. Our mission is to create a culture in the clinic where you can rehab in a positive, value-based environment where we are accountable to meet your goals. Since so much of your success will be related to the work you put in on your own, our therapists will empower you to perform home routines to keep healthy and stay on top of your condition.     

Owner, Jay Bernasconi, DPT, OCS, opened Furnace Brook Physical Therapy in 1987 with a vision of how a successful physical therapy practice should be run. As the clinic has grown, he has been able to assemble a team of physical therapists who guide their treatment by the same philosophy. This philosophy stresses the “science” of rehabilitation while utilizing the “art” that was passed on to him by his mentors.  He mandates that all staff therapists attend a multitude of continuing education courses and pursue additional specialist certifications as they remain on staff. He is an on-site owner and continues to enjoy treating patients in need of rehab. Jay has had the good fortune to advise and assist several of his former therapists in opening their own successful practices.

Furnace Brook Physical Therapy is a teaching clinic, with co-op students from Northeastern University, and internship students from Massachusetts General Hospital-Institute of Health Professions, Northeastern University and other New England universities. We train and hire from within when possible to ensure a standardization within the practice. Our therapists are all members of our professional association, the American Physical Therapy Association, and are pursuing advanced certifications such as Orthopedic or Sports Therapy Specialization, Strength and Conditioning Specialization, Doctoral studies, and ongoing Continuing Education courses.


From the “front office to the gym” Furnace Brook Physical Therapy is a welcoming place!😊

I have received PT here at Furnace Brook Therapy for five different full sessions to heal the various “broken and replacement” parts.  Also many members of the family have come here as well.  It has always been very positive for me and puts me back on the straight and narrow again!

This last session for ITB and a knee problem has been very successful due to my wonderful and caring physical therapist RYAN. Ryan is very professional in his knowledge, knowing what had to be accomplished and in dealing with his patient –  “ME”.  He knew just where I needed strengthening and had me do the proper exercises to enable me to overcome the problem.  He always had a smile and a positive attitude and I hope that I exhibited the same. I will continue the exercise regimen that Ryan gave me for “homework”, so that I will be able to function without any aids (e.g. cane,  crutch or walker)!!

I am very grateful for the care and support that Ryan exhibited and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of physical therapy.  Furnace Brook Therapy is blessed to have Ryan as an employee.  Thank you, RYAN!


Joanie C.

I have recently finished p/t with Ryan.  Everything is going well, a little stiffness.  But as a whole everything is good.I have to say I don’t think anyone likes to go to therapy – but you & your staff made it easier.  From the time you walk in the door everybody acts professionally.  Everyone is courteous, friendly and professional.  All are attired professionally.  No IPhones , everybody helpful.  That is the reason I will highly recommend you.

Thank you.

Hugh M.

Hi, I wanted to tell you that I received excellent treatment both pre-surgery as well as post op for my torn rotator cuff. From the second I walked into Furnace Brook until the moment I was released I was always welcomed with a warm smile. The care I received was second to none. Julia was my therapist throughout my time at Furnace Brook and I can’t say enough of her professionalism and the caring way in which she conducted herself. Also, all of the co-op students that I dealt with during my rehab were always very attentive as well as eager to make my time at Furnace Brook Physical Therapy as pleasant as possible. I will not hesitate to refer any friends or co-workers on the Boston Fire Department to contact your facility should the need arise. Best regards.

Jim H.

Upon my arrival to Furnace Brook Physical Therapy I was quite incapacitated. My therapy began following an ankle break of both the tibia and fibula bones, torn syndesmotic ligament, and two surgeries. I had been non weight bearing for 12 weeks; my range of motion was very minimal, and I had lost an immense amount of strength and muscle mass in my quadricep and calf muscles due to atrophy. 

An eight week physical therapy regiment was begun which consisted of range of motion exercises, pool therapy, blood flow restriction, strength conditioning, and light calisthenics. The use of the pool located on site at the facility had a profound impact on my recovery. The effect of my lightened body weight in the water enabled me to perform far more exercises than I would have been able to endure on hard ground with my full body weight. 

Throughout my progression, my therapist set goals for me in order to achieve the best possible outcome, and they were always met without fail. It was evident to me that the therapists at FBPT have a genuine interest and desire for their patients to recover from injury and regain their livelihood. I would highly recommended FBPT to anyone who is in the unfortunate need to require physical therapy, simply because this is where they will achieve the best result.




Brendan H.

“This place is awesome. I have been coming here since my total knee replacement and with the help of Brianna and everyone else have come a long way. I am in very little pain and its because of the program I was put on. I will be coming back here after my other knee is replaced. Thank you all for the great job you do” 

Charlene M.