“You know what you want for your child — the best therapist possible, right? When looking for PT, you’re of course going to want to find someone who knows how to make a difference & takes the time with not only you but your child. Furnace Brook PT is without a doubt the most incredible office to take your child to or have PT yourself!

Ensuring your child has the best therapist with lots of good references is so important. You might want to just to stay close to home but I can tell you from experience – Driving 2x a week for 3 months with my son & daughter had me tired but it was worth every second! The benefits of having not only a top notch facility to work in but therapists and staff that know your name, make your child feel important & comfortable and are genuinely interested and all work together to obtain the best outcome for you or your child is essential.

You will be getting a therapist with extensive experience & yet able to work with your busy schedule. Their office hours are great & their facility as I mentioned is amazing. You would not believe how many new exercises they will have you do – all working the same area. You never get bored and you always feel challenged. The pool is great & the basketball court gym area is incredible. Their equipment is up to date & plenty of it! It’s really the BEST PT office I have ever seen & I work in the health care field.

Much of the effectiveness of therapy will depend on the rapport between therapist and child. Qualities like warmth, humor, flexibility and resourcefulness along with the ability to make your child feel like he/she owns their PT. Their 1 hr. Eval covers everything. You leave the office feeling secure & so comfortable that you are in good hands. They build that trust right out of the gate! The progress you will make in a short period of time is amazing and the work they give you to do at home is very well explained & doable.

I would recommend Furnace Brook PT to anyone – young or old. I have been a patient & so have my son and daughter. I have worked with Jay, Mike & Ryan and my kids LOVE them too! Everyone is great including their interns that really know their stuff!!

Thanks so much!”

Karrie H