57 professional sports teams, 39 D-1 college athletic programs, U.S. Olympic teams, and the U.S. Department of Defense all utilize Blood Flow restriction (BFR) in their rehab. In some form, BFR has been researched for the past 17 years and there is increasing research being performed on its use in the clinic setting. Using the Delfi 3rd generation tourniquet system, BFR can be applied safely in the clinic. Its indication for select patients is when strengthening or tendon healing is the desired effect but normal weight lifting and loading of the muscles, bones or joints would not be desired.

      The Owens Recovery Science Group out of San Antonio, TX have instructed and certified two staff PT’s, Jay Bernasconi and Samantha Alosco, in this technique. By December, the remainder of the staff, both in physical therapy and occupational therapy will be certified as well.  What this means to the consumer/patient is that Furnace Brook Physical Therapy utilizes the most up to date and evidence based methods available to accomplish your goals and safely expedite your care for a positive outcome. For our referring physicians, we would be most pleased to forward you the research bibliography, case studies, and application methods of the Delfi Tourniquet system. (Kindly forward your inquiry to info@furnacebrookpt.com).