Upon my arrival to Furnace Brook Physical Therapy I was quite incapacitated. My therapy began following an ankle break of both the tibia and fibula bones, torn syndesmotic ligament, and two surgeries. I had been non weight bearing for 12 weeks; my range of motion was very minimal, and I had lost an immense amount of strength and muscle mass in my quadricep and calf muscles due to atrophy. 

An eight week physical therapy regiment was begun which consisted of range of motion exercises, pool therapy, blood flow restriction, strength conditioning, and light calisthenics. The use of the pool located on site at the facility had a profound impact on my recovery. The effect of my lightened body weight in the water enabled me to perform far more exercises than I would have been able to endure on hard ground with my full body weight. 

Throughout my progression, my therapist set goals for me in order to achieve the best possible outcome, and they were always met without fail. It was evident to me that the therapists at FBPT have a genuine interest and desire for their patients to recover from injury and regain their livelihood. I would highly recommended FBPT to anyone who is in the unfortunate need to require physical therapy, simply because this is where they will achieve the best result.




Brendan H.