This has been the first Spring / Summer that the golf clinic has existed within Furnace Brook PT and it has mostly been a success so far.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with multiple golfers of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels from the nearby area.  I’ve greatly enjoyed helping them improve their game and their feedback throughout has been awesome.  Every client has demonstrated improved physical capabilities at each follow-up, and subjectively they’re all reporting improvements within their game.  This has come in the form of both distance gained and global scoring improvement.  One client told me that he is now hitting his 7 iron almost 20 yards further since coming in for multiple consults and training sessions, which is a massive change and something I love to hear.  Everyone wants to hit bombs right? Multiple clients that have told me that physical gains have translated to more than just while on the golf course.  Subjectively, clients have reported less overall stiffness and discomfort with daily activities such as yard-work, or after a long car ride or day at the office.

From my perspective I’m beginning to see some physical trends amongst my amateur golfers during TPI screens.  As a clinician I truly hate to be “cookie-cutter” with one-size-fits-all type treatment philosophies, and I never use the same program twice. But it seems that most amateur golfers would be able to greatly improve their swings simply by maximizing their ankle mobility, working on squat form and control, increasing thoracic rotation, and improving trunk and lower-body disassociation.  Those certainly seem to be some frequent problem areas for sure. 

As always, if you’re an avid or even casual golfer looking to improve their swing, game, and overall physical health, please contact me to setup an initial TPI physical assessment. 

Ryan Sheedy, DPT, OCS, TPI