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Testimonial – Stephanie M.

"All of the therapists provide the best individualized care specific the the injury and the recovery goals of the patient. They have worked wonders for my mother and me."

Testimonial – William C.

I had a total knee replacement on 3/28/17 and was cleared for outpatient physical therapy 3 weeks later. I was fortunate enough to start right up with Jay Bernasconi at Furnacebrook Physical Therapy in Quincy. In 6 short weeks I have improved dramatically to the point...

Testimonial – Steven M.

It's been a year since I was injured at work, had surgery on my heel and was non-weight bearing for 3 months. Jay and everyone at FBPT got me back on my feet and back to 100% quicker than any doctors thought possible. Can't thank FBPT enough! Steven M.

Testimonial – Sarah L.

"Always a great experience. My therapist is Jenn and she's exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly. Actually a pleasant visit and I thought it would be a pain. Literally. Great place. Very clean and professional"

Testimonial – Karrie H

"You know what you want for your child -- the best therapist possible, right? When looking for PT, you're of course going to want to find someone who knows how to make a difference & takes the time with not only you but your child. Furnace Brook PT is without a...

Testimonial – Stan L

"I can't say enough good things about the knowledgeable and caring staff at FBPT. They've been helping me be able to stay active for almost 3 decades!"

Furnace Brook PT on TV: The Real Winning Edge

Overcoming Catastrophic Knee Injury One of our staff therapists, Alexandra Hunter, DPT, was featured on a nationwide television series focusing on young athletes who have overcome traumatic injuries to continue to pursue their sport. She is working with a Milton High...

New Hand Therapy Clinic

Furnace Brook PT provides Occupational Therapy by a Certified Hand Therapist for Wrist and Hand Injuries. Daniel Joyce, OTR, CHT is a highly respected Licensed Occupational Therapist who has treated complex nerve, tendon, fracture, dislocation and arthritis injuries...